Who is All of Mpls?

Detail of All of Mpls mailer with incorrect assertion that the public safety amendment eliminates the MPD and fires the Chief of Police. This mailer also included a pull quote from the StarTribune — as do almost most of the All of Mpls ads and mailers — as the Strib is all in on Frey’s re-election.
An example of the lies in an All of Mpls Facebook advertisement.
  • * Fox 9 News report, May 20, 2021: “The city has seen a 222 percent increase in carjackings this year compared with this point in 2020, averaging 1.27 incidents per day, according to police data. Homicides are up 108 percent from a year earlier, while shootings have risen 153 percent.”




Camille J. Gage is a Minneapolis based artist and writer.

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Camille J Gage

Camille J Gage

Camille J. Gage is a Minneapolis based artist and writer.

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